Safety tools

Safety Helmet

The exclusive smooth crown design contains a technically advanced suspension with eight load bearing points to stabilize and balance the hard hat during everyday wear. On impact, the SuperEight impact energy control system dissipates force by reducing it to smaller increments and spreading it over a greater area.

Welding Helmet
Brand: TECHNO®

Techno:- provides a welding helmet for every process and application. Each model is designed for a specific application but all have a full complement of exclusive performance and comfort features to satisfy the needs of today’s high production welders.

Safety Vest

We carry safety vests that are suitable for day and night environments that require ANSI high visibility clothing. Our reflective vests reflect the safety priority required in construction sites, airports, emergency response situations, law enforcement operations, utility crews operations, survey crews, railroad workers – anywhere workers are exposed to traffic and need the high visibility protection of a reflective safety vest.

Safety Glass
Brand: EYEVX

Sport style 3D curved single lens, Wraparound with angle side protection, Universal nose bridge, Hard coated lens as standard

Safety Shoes
Fire Hydrant Coveralls

flame resistant clothing that offered protection to those that are at risk for exposure to fire hazards.

Industrial Paint Marker

Our heavy duty Mighty Marker is used for making permanent identification marks in tools, assemblies, and finished metals. Also capable of marking on leather, stone, rubber, wood and many more. Paint Marker is an oil-based paint that will withstand indoor and outdoor conditions without fading, chipping and losing color or opacity outdoors. The marks also resist oil, salt water, alcohols, soap, water and many other liquids. Conforms to ASTM 4236.

Rebar Cap

Rebar Safety Caps provide protection from protruding rebar and are intended for at grade applications
Not intended for impalement protection
Brilliant orange color for higher visibility
Standard rebar safety cap recommended for rebar sizes #3 through #9
Larger cap fits up to 2" diameter

FC-48 Polycarbonate,clear,1.0mm thick.Heat and impact

FC-48 Polycarbonate,clear,1.0mm thick.Heat and impact

Wire Ropes

Liftek maintains a large stock of wire rope for various applications. Our high quality wire ropes are sourced from Europe, Korea, India and UAE. All ropes conform to the relevant International and Local norms are supplied with Test Certificates.

Flat Polyester Webbing Slings

Techno manufactures a wide range of Flat Webbing slings made with high tenacity polyester webbing.
Slings are manufactured either to En 1492-1:2000 with Safety Factor 7:1 or to BS 348:PT2-1983 with Safety Factor of 6:1
We offer slings in MM system (i.e. 30mm, 60mm, 90mm ect.) and also in Inch system(i.e. 1", 2", 3" etc)

  • Do not exceed the Safe Working load of the sling.
  • Avoid Shock loading of sling.
  • Never make knots on a sling that is in use.
  • Never pull or drag a sling if a load is resting on it.
  • Store the slings in a cool, dry place.
  • If sharp edges are present, use protective sleeves to avoid damage to the sling.
  • 1T*1M
  • 1T*2M
  • 2T*2M
  • 2T*3M
  • 2T*4M
  • 2T*6M
  • 2T*8M
  • 3T*4M
  • 3T*6M
  • 3T*8M
  • 3T*1OM
  • 4T*6M
  • 4T*8M
  • 4T*10M
  • 5T*8M
  • 5T*10M
  • 6T*8M
  • 6T*10M
  • 6T*12M
  • 10T*10M
  • 10T*12M
Eye Types

An eye cover forms an effective barrier between the lifting point and the load-bearing portion of the webbing sling in the eye resulting in improved safety and longer life. Unless
specifically instructed by the customer, Liftek manufactures all slings with Type 1: Polyester Protected Eyes as shown

Full Body Safety Harness

A full body harness distributes the forces throughout the body in the case of a fall, reducing the chances of internal injuries and death Liftek manufactures various models of full body safety harness and also customizes as per customer requests.

3-PTP (Three Point Traceability Padlock)

Color:RED with color coded Key Jacket. RED with color coded Key Jacket. Key Different (2 Unique Keys per Lock).
DIMENSIONS: Regular Shackle 40mm- Body Width Body - 40.00 mm, Thickness Body - 20.00 mm, Length Shackle - 48.20 mm, Diameter Shackle - 5.00 mm, Height Total - 40.00 mm, Height - 94.20 mm

3-PTP (Three Point Traceability Padlock)

Color: YELLOW with color coded Key Jacket. NON CONDUCTIVE REGULAR Shackle. Key Different (1 Unique Key per Lock).
DIMENSIONS: Regular Shackle 40mm Body Width Body - 40.00 mm, Thickness Body - 20.00 mm, Height Body - 45.00 mm, Thickness Shackle - 20.00 mm, Diameter Vertical - 5.00 mm, Clearance - 40.00 mm

3-PTP (Three Point Traceability Padlock)

Color:BULE with color coded Key Jacket. NON CONDUCTIVE REGULAR Shackle. Key Different (1 Unique Key per Lock). DIMENSIONS - same with SI. No. 2.


Steel, Vinyl Moulded, Color: Red. Size: 38mm. Large, 6 locks capacity. Brand: LOTO-LOK

Key Station

300 Keys Capacity. Brand: Helix (UK) with key fobs and indexing card. Color: Grey. Dimension: W 550 x D 80 x H 500 mm

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